Virtual doula support

Birth doula support

In light of the ongoing concerns about social distancing and thinking of what’s best for my clients, I am now offering virtual prenatal and postpartum meetings, as well as labor support in your home and in the hospital. We can conduct these via Zoom or Facetime.

My support for you does not go away in the event that I am not able to go into triage and L&D with you. I understand that any deviations from the team that you envisioned might feel like a curveball – but, that’s why we’ll try to get concrete info before heading into your respective hospital, and that’s why I’ll still be there to support you throughout your birth, even if I’m unable to physically be by your side.

Regardless of whether updated hospital policy prevents me from going onto the L&D floor with you, I am still here for:

  • In-home labor support and assistance transferring to the hospital if all of us have been quaranteened 14 days before you go into labor and are healthy
  • Virtual support once you’re admitted by way of phone, text, and video chat (via FaceTime or Zoom)
  • Coaching your primary support person while you’re at the hospital
  • Information as needed/desired when you need to make decisions during labor
  • Help creating a plan as labor evolves and changes
  • Additional support teaching hands-on techniques for your primary support person to use

We’ll talk about any questions or concerns that you have during our prenatals. And, note that all of these potential what-ifs could disappear by the time you go into labor.
My fee is $1,600.

If you decide that you need only virtual support (2 prenatal meetings, labor and birth support, and one postpartum meeting – all via Zoom or Facetime), my fee is $1,200.

Labor and birth Consultation
For pregnant folks, who haven’t yet decided if they’d like a doula’s support for their birth, or feel like they only need prenatal support, I offer a shorter, 2×1 hour or 1×2 hour consultation via Zoom, during which we talk about
– your pregnancy
– signs and stages of labor
– when to go to the hospital (or when to call the midwife
   in case of a homebirth)
– what to expect from a hospital birth
– coping mechanisms
– how to make a birth plan,
and I will answer all the questions you might have. 
I will also send you a package with useful printed materials, aromatherapeutic personal inhalers, a healing salve, baby cream and nipple cream all organic and handmade by me. My fee is $100/hour, and you have the option to upgrade to the Essential doula package in which case the amount you invested in the consultation will be deducted from my birth doula fee.