Services and fees

Essential Birth doula package
Includes 2 prenatal and one postpartum visits, continuous support during labor plus a set of nipple cream, healing salve, a baby/diaper cream and a chapstick, all organic and handmade by me.
My fee is $2,400. 

Postpartum services
As a postpartum doula, I will help you understand what new babies – and new moms – truly need. I will offer you soothing techniques, breastfeeding or bottle feeding support, basic newborn care and explain normal newborn behavior, including tips and tricks to make your life easier in the first few months after giving birth.
I provide help and information with emotional and physical recovery from birth and  mother-baby bonding. I will also give lactation advice or refer you to a lactation specialist (CLC or IBCLC) if needed. I will help you get to know your baby and feel confident about yourself around them. I will help you with whatever you need help with around your baby. I will come as many days as you need me. My fee is $55/hour, and I will come for 3 or 4 hours at a time.

Overnight Doula services
As an overnight doula, I take care of your baby at night, so you can get your much needed rest. I’ll bring the baby to you for feeding, or give them a bottle as per your instructions, then burp them, change them and soothe them back to sleep. My fee is $60/hour and I come for 8 hours at a time. 

NEW: 2ForYOU Doula Services

Bori and Jaye – we are your two doulas from the moment you hire us as a team throughout the childbearing year for as long as you need us. This holistic and comprehensive model of care supports you and your family in a valuable continuous and fluid manner.  

We both participate in your prenatal meetings, one of us attends your birth and the other welcomes you home for your first overnight as a family, allowing you to rest and find your sea legs in the short cycles of newborn care, feeding, changing, soothing, sleeping with you as your go to support person. Finally the birth doula meets with you for a postpartum follow up as we are with you every step of the way, 2-For-YOU!

Jaye and Bori are culturally sensitive as they integrate their care while remaining dedicated to serving the birthing person and the family to their best in a unique and supportive partnership model of care. We are currently members of the East River Doula Collective and the Manhattan Birth Birth Community.

2ForYOU Birth and Postpartum care package: $3,088
Without the 8-hour postpartum support, our fee is $2,688

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‘Welcome Home’ package
l will meet you at your home the day after you go home from the hospital (or the following day), and help you settle in, take a nap, eat, shower, relax. I’ll come and help you with whatever you need help with, be it breastfeeding, sleep, cooking, or baby care while you rest. A total of 20 hours cost $1,000. The package also includes a set of BORILAKI postpartum products: nipple cream, healing salve, a baby cream and a massage/moisturizing baby oil, all organic and handmade.

Essential Birth and Postpartum Package
I’ll be your full spectrum doula for your birth (including 2 prenatal and one postpartum visits plus continuous support during labor), I’ll give you 20 hours of full postpartum help plus a set of BORILAKI products: nipple cream, healing salve, a baby cream and a massage/moisturizing baby oil, all organic and handmade: $3,400.

Labor and birth Consultation
For pregnant folks, who haven’t yet decided if they’d like a doula’s support for their birth, or feel like they only need prenatal support, I offer a shorter, 2×1 hour or 1×2 hour consultation via Zoom, during which we talk about
– your pregnancy
– signs and stages of labor
– when to go to the hospital (or when to call the midwife
   in case of a homebirth)
– what to expect from a hospital birth
– coping mechanisms
– how to make a birth plan,
and I will answer all the questions you might have. 
I will also send you a package with useful printed materials, aromatherapeutic personal inhalers, a healing salve, baby cream and nipple cream all organic and handmade by me. My fee is $100/hour, and you have the option to upgrade to the Essential doula package in which case the amount you invested in the consultation will be deducted from my birth doula fee.

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