Doula stories #1

The story of my first homebirth as a doulaI went to my first homebirth on a hot August day. Don’t really feel like stepping foot to a hospital ever again, but that’s exactly the reason why it is so important to have a doula for a hospital birth. People who give birth at hospitals need … More Doula stories #1

Doula Stories #2

Homebirth of baby #4! I was called to a homebirth on a cold January evening. I was excited, as always, but especially because I knew this wasn’t a first baby and handling the older children during a homebirth can be sometimes challenging. Let me just say that this family was amazing. 2 of the 3 … More Doula Stories #2

Doula stories #3

Induction and Pick Salami! I got hired by an amazing couple for the birth of their first baby. We connected on many levels: the use of aromatherapy, the relevance of one’s horoscope, yoga, reiki, and, most importantly: food. Coming from a European-Asian background, the mom (M.) is a conosseur, loves to cook, loves to experiment … More Doula stories #3