Kind words by Clients

“Bori played a very important role during the birth of our son Oskar. My husband and I had an amazing experience with her. Our plan was to have a natural childbirth – ideally no interventions and no drugs. It almost worked out as planned which is a hard thing to do in a hospital setting. I don’t think it would have played out that way if we didn’t have had Bori at our side. When we were at the hospital she explained everything that was happening and would remind us of our goals. My husband and I wanted her to be very involved in coaching us through labor and she was able to help when and where needed so that my husband and I felt confident and comfortable during our labor and birth. She also helped me with counter pressure and techniques while I was laboring, which was a great relief. Even when complications arose, she was such a great support for me and my husband, being there for each of us. This is a kind of support that you don’t necessarily think of needing, but trust me it’s something that you can’t live without in this situation. Also, her help postpartum is something we didn’t want to have missed.  The birth of our baby was something that only happens once in our lives and I would have regretted not having Bori as our partner during that day. Thanks, so much Bori for everything!”

– Kirsten & Stephan


“This was my second birth, but my first time having a doula. From the beginning, Bori was always available to answer any questions and responded quickly to my emails, which I really appreciated. It showed her enthusiasm and commitment. I decided to do hypnobabies (which I highly recommend) and I sent Bori related materials that she studied and she was ready to support me in this new endeavor. The day of the birth, she came over as soon as I called and was very supportive, making sure I was comfortable and willing to help in any way. She brought over all her aromatherapy stuff and fanned me while I pushed, which was the most helpful ever since I was burning up from the effort! She got along well with the midwives, helped clean up after the birth and made sure we were comfortable before leaving. It was such a comfort knowing she was there to support me and my husband in any way I needed. 

Overall, Bori is a wonderfully kind and responsible person who truly loves being a doula and I highly recommend her!”

– Christine & Christian


“My husband and I knew right after our first phone conversation with Bori that she was perfect for us.  Her positive energy, calmness and experience was exactly the type of doula we wanted for the birth of our daughter.  Throughout labor and delivery she was able to anticipate my needs, helping with massages, offering her essential oils to help with nausea and contractions, keeping me hydrated and really everything.  She teamed up extremely well with my husband and he enjoyed partnering with her.  Bori didn’t leave the hospital until I was settled and she knew I didn’t need anything else.  We are so happy to have chosen Bori as our doula!”

– Serenity & Juan


“We are extremely pleased with our decision to use Bori as our birth doula. Even though circumstances arose that were unplanned, and we ended up unable to carry through with most of our birth plan, Bori was flexible and immediately adapted to the events as they unfolded. She helped us keep in tact the aspects of our birth plan that we could retain by reminding us of our priorities throughout the process. Most importantly, Bori was an extremely supportive and comforting presence through what would have otherwise been a somewhat stressful experience.”

– Anne & Bryce


“Choosing Bori as my doula was the best decision I could have made! I had been hoping to have an unmedicated birth, and Bori’s support not only helped me to do that, but to make it an absolutely wonderful experience. I was very nervous and worried going into it, because this was my first birth and the negative birth stories are much more common than the positive ones! It was very important to me to choose a doula who made me feel 100% comfortable, and I found that in Bori. The moment I met her, I knew that she would be exactly what I needed – and she was that and more. During the labor, her calming and kind personality made me feel reassured and comfortable, and she had many practical methods and suggestions to help me to get through a 24 hour labor. From essential oils, to massage, lots of walking, letting my husband get some sleep, and communicating with my midwife, the hospital staff, and my family, Bori helped my long and difficult labor and birth to be manageable and is a huge part of the reason I was able to avoid interventions that would probably have otherwise been likely. Thank you so much for helping to make my birth an amazing experience that I will always remember with joy and gratitude.”

– Yasmine & Eddie

“We love Bori!

Her authentic, caring, insightful and genuine approach was what we were hoping for in a doula. We originally met because I was searching for a doula who used doTERRA essential oils in her life and felt comfortable incorporating them into the labor/delivery process. Our family lives a natural and non-toxic lifestyle and it was important for us to find someone who shared those values and would honor our choices and desires. 

Bori was very supportive.  She provided gentle guidance and helped us design a birth plan that felt authentic and good.  She was prepared and professional for our meetings and when I went into labor. 

This was our first pregnancy and birth, so we knew we would want a calm and generous spirit to support us during a time in which we didn’t know what to expect or how best to plan.  In our search, we sought someone who would be supportive to both of us – for me (before, during & after labor / delivery) AND for my husband (as he supported me throughout). It was important for us to feel a connection with our doula, as we wanted to create / maintain a positive, affirming environment in the birthing suite.

 Bori has stamina! My labor was MUCH longer than any of us expected. She was with us the whole time, remaining positive, giving love, support (physical & emotional!), encouragement and guidance the whole time. We really valued her opinion and asked for her thoughts when we were faced with decisions that were unplanned. While calm, gentle and loving, she was realistic and insightful.

We honestly feel incredibly lucky to have her in our lives. We will always be connected – she shared such a special moment with our family and made it feel even sweeter.  Even now, a year after our baby was born, we are in contact.  She was incredible during our entire process – every step of the way, she was consistent and responsive.”

– Billie & Jared