Doula Stories #2

Homebirth of baby #4!
I was called to a homebirth on a cold January evening. I was excited, as always, but especially because I knew this wasn’t a first baby and handling the older children during a homebirth can be sometimes challenging. Let me just say that this family was amazing. 2 of the 3 kids were asleep when I got there around midnight. The youngest one in the parents’ bed. The oldest daughter was too excited to sleep so she stayed up with us until 2am, taking pictures. The labor was progressing very well, and the mom was taking it in an amazingly calm and peaceful way. I massaged her back with every contraction, and made sure she was hydrated. At one point she wanted to get to the shower. Her husband went with her. They didn’t stay long, and approximately five minutes after she emerged from the bathroom, she knew the baby was coming. I keep reading about women ‘easing out’ their babies, but never seen it before. Well, last night was the night. She didn’t even really push. Baby was out in less than five minutes. The midwives were almost completely hands-off, which I’ve only seen in a homebirth setting, never in a hospital environment. Magically, all children woke up by the arrival of their baby sister. Even the youngest one, who, although sleeping in the same bed his mother labored AND gave birth, slept peacefully until after she arrived.
All in all, one of my best births. Grateful for the family who let me help with this truly special event.

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